The I-10 over US 19 bridge is located in the center of Jefferson County near Monticello, Florida. The bridge spans 243.33 ft. over US 19 and consists of four (4) spans. Two spans are 44.5 ft. long, comprising two Type III AASHTO beams for the exterior beams and three Type II AASHTO beams for the interior beams. Two spans are 77.16 ft. long, comprising seven Type III AASHTO beams.
Span 3 was impacted by an over-height truck causing severe damage in the fascia beam (beam 7) and the interior beam (beam 6). The vehicle impact resulted in significant section loss, cracking, and rupture of prestressing strands.
In-house developed software-Smart Bridge Suite was used to analyze the superstructure accounting for the damage to determine the impact of damage on the structural strength of the beams and to design the rehabilitation work.
Repair work included splicing rupture prestressing strands, restoring concrete section using polymer modified concrete, using externally bonded longitudinal CFRP sheets and transvers U-wraps. The use of advanced composite materials allowed the damaged beams to be repaired instead of replacement, while providing accelerated construction.

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