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SDR provides a wide range of professional services:

Structural Design

SDR’s reputation and experience in structural engineering is the result of our quality-driven and cost-focused approach on behalf of our clients. Our engineering services are tailored to our clients’ needs to exceed their expectations by being innovative, efficient, and cost-focused. 

SDR’s engineers and technicians have been responsible for design and detailing of different types of bridges and structures. Our bridge design experience encompasses concrete bridges, steel bridges, and timber bridges ranging from simple short-span bridges to complex long-span bridges.

In addition, SDR offers an assortment of services for construction support to owners and contractors, including inspection and QC/QA, product verification, condition assessment, and development of shop drawings.

Structural Evaluation and Rehabilitation​

SDR provides thorough structural assessment and rehabilitation remedies for conventional and complex structures by utilizing a blend of hands-on inspection and refined structural analysis, including soil-structure interaction and load rating. Advanced modeling is used for complex systems where traditional engineering methods are not well-suited.

SDR engineers perform hands-on inspections, condition assessments, and load rating for segmental concrete bridges, precast prestressed concrete bridges, cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete bridges, steel bridges, and major truss bridges in the states of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and others.

SDR engineers have vast experience with rehabilitation of bridges and structures using traditional techniques as well as Advanced Composite Materials (ACM), also known as Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP). SDR’s senior staff have leading roles in developing national and international Standards/Guidelines for the use of Advanced Composite Materials in civil engineering applications.

Load Testing​

Load testing captures actual behavior of the structure (load distribution) and accounts for strength enhancing factors not included in design. Based on SDR’s extended experience in structural engineering, load testing, coupled with detailed three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis reveals that some  structures can carry higher loads than those estimated by design codes. Load testing is performed for both diagnostic purposes and proof loading.

SDR has successfully carried out load testing, coupled with advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA), for controlling span(s) of different types of bridges, eliminating load posting of tested bridges.

Non Destructive Testing​

Nondestructive testing (NDT) allows for assessment of existing conditions, material properties, and distress without altering or damaging its form. NDT is effective in cases where plans are unavailable, visual inspection is limited, and/or for confirmation purposes.

Nondestructive evaluation services provided by SDR includes:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Chloride Ion Penetration Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Infrared Testing
  • Visual Inspection

Emergency Repair​

SDR stands ready for emergency repair of impact-damaged and fire-damaged structures and bridges to provide accelerated and cost-effective solutions using traditional and non-traditional techniques. Non-conventional repair methods include, but are not limited to the use of advanced composite materials (also known as Fiber Reinforced Polymers) and splicing of ruptured prestressing strands for concrete structures as well as heat straightening for steel structures. Moreover, SDR provides services for the utilization of self-propelled modular transportation (SPMT) and jacking for support repair/replacement.

Research and Code Development​

Since its founding, SDR has been involved in conducting research to further advance the field of structural engineering. Many of SDR’s staff hold advanced engineering degrees, providing a blend of theoretical background and practical experience.

SDR senior team members have produced nationally and internationally recognized and award-winning research in the field of structural engineering. Paying meticulous attention to details and engineering principles has established SDR’s legacy for developing design specification, code guidelines, and standard plans/details

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A Passion for Structures

SDR Engineering is a multi-disciplinary firm, founded in 1992 to provide quality services in the areas of commercial and residential building construction services, structural design and rehabilitation and site development. The company has corporate offices located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Dallas, Texas; and Tallahassee, Florida. Over the years SDR has experienced significant growth both in clientele and in staff. This exceptional growth has been facilitated by the adoption of a quality-driven and cost-focused approach on behalf of our clients. SDR has a wealth of experience and a proven history in delivering projects on time and on budget.

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  • Integrity Through Action
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  • Inspire Quality

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