Zhiyong "John" Liang, PhD, PE

Senior Project Manager, Vice President

Dr. Liang has more than 20 years of experience in bridge inspection, load testing, and research. His experience focuses on bridge design and load rating, condition evaluation of bridge structures using analytical techniques (finite element analysis, virtual reality) and nondestructive testing on steel and prestressed concrete bridges by diagnostic load testing. He has been a group leader and successfully conducted many bridge testing and rehabilitation projects. He has good knowledge of the behavior of different bridge structures, and the ability to address problems and develop solutions for them. With a diverse background in both Civil Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. Liang is an expert at operating different bridge testing equipment, performing data analysis and developing software to assist in bridge analysis and data archiving. He has a very strong background in finite element modeling and data analysis, with hands-on experience at bridge sites. He is proficient in the use of engineering software and has a comprehensive knowledge of bridge design and rating codes.